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 Some story crap.

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PostSubject: Some story crap.   Sun Sep 14, 2014 10:37 am

How y'all doin'? Here's a thing I wrote last night when I was bored out of my mind. I was really tired at the time so please forgive any grammatical errors, I'm pretty sure the capitalization is all over the place.
Quote :

Combine APC = The ones in the retail HL2.
Conscript APC = The brush VABs.
I'd kinda prefer if the Vortigaunts didn't sound like Tom Waits if he inhaled helium. Stick with the retail voice.
Both Stalker types exist, there are the combat ones, driven insane by the pain that
the combine have subjected them to, and the labor ones, who work in combine
installations. I'm not quite sure how the combine decide who gets picked for combat
and who gets picked for labor.

==Point Insertion (concept map part)==
-Concept map is still being worked on, probably (hopefully) in place of c17_02.
-Firing squad execution will be somewhere.
-Tram will briefly stop and let a couple of Combine APCs by.
-There could be a riot and thievery of televisions going on here, but
I won't have that happen without input.
-The map's overall color scheme (dark green, dark grey) might change depending on what style Terminus is going for.

==Red Letter Day==
-Kleiner's lab is in a warehouse that conveniently has sewers under it that lead out of the city.
-Please don't kill off Kleiner during the teleporter mishap, that was a god-awful
idea and I can see why Valve scrapped it.
-Lamarr fucks everything up as expected.
**Teleporter Mishap**
-Player is first teleported to a part of the outer wall, where the combine are fighting off Xen wildlife.
-Teleports to Kraken Base for only a brief moment.
-Helena gets mad at Kleiner when this happens, as heard in the leak's sound files.
-Then teleports into Consul/Breen's office.
--"Who are you? How did you get in here?!"
-Teleports somewhere in the Arctic, sees Odell hanging out with some rebels around a fire.
--Odell gets startled at this and eloquently exclaims "What the hell?!" Odell_shock_06
-Some other stuff.
-Gordon gets back to the lab and Kleiner shuts down the teleporter.
-Barney escorts Gordon out, gives him the crowbar and tells him about the route
to Eli's place and how treacherous it is.

==Canals/Outer Wall City==
-Cremators aplenty, fighting off bullsquids, houndeyes, antlions, and all other nasties.
-Conscripts are non-hostile, and turn a blind eye to any refugees.
--But they will not attack the combine troops yet.
-May or may not show something that implies a rivalry between the Metrocops and Conscripts.
-A few refugee camps, some of them might have Conscripts in them. Refugees might show tension and distrust
toward the Cons, and vice versa.
-Toward the end, a major camp gets raided/headcrab shelled/overrun somehow... Basically, something bad happens to it.
-A fight of some sort occurs.
-Gordon gets to the Quarry somehow.

==The Quarry==
-Dead combine troops scattered around. They have little to no control over this region.
-Antlions, Houndeyes, and Bullsquids, oh my!
-Gordon makes his way up and to the town's entrance
--Or gets to the lake and enters Ravenholm through the docks.

-Show sings of recent entry, an overrun Conscript APC might work.
-A few stranded squads of rebels and combine here & there... Maybe.
-Father Grigori pops in & out like in the retail version.
-Tells Gordon to go to the mines and destroy the "source of evil," which is the Gonarch's Gross Gonad.
-Takes the digger and tears it apart.
-Gordon enters the elevator, gets back to the surface.
-Gordon fights his way through the zombie infested town until he reaches the church.
-Grigori opens the gate to a different part of the mines/a cave system after a fight.
-Grigori is left to fight off the zombies on his own, he can handle himself.

==Eli's Colony==
-Gordon gets through the caves/mines and eventually gets to a gate.
-Eli walks up to the gate, has an AR1 aimed at Gordon for a second until he
recognizes him.
-"Oh, Freeman! Kleiner and Barney told me that you were on your way."
-Is surprised that Gordon made it through Ravenholm, and wonders if Gordon knows
whether or not an old friend of his is still there.
-Maintains retail Eli's optimism and ability to make the best out of
his situation, but with a little more eccentricity.
-D0G is introduced here.
-Rebels chillin' and stuff.
-A few modified vehicles here & there, mostly for combat purposes.
-Eli gives Gordon a brief history of what happened to the world.
-Speaks with Captain Vance for a bit, this is where he's introduced.
"Hello, Dr. Maxwell. Please make this quick, the Consul is expecting a report from me soon."
-Vance asks Eli if he's seen Alyx.
-Eli says she went out scouting an hour ago.
-A conversation about beginning the uprising in full force when Gordon makes it to the Airex?
-Vance says something about how he's been wanting to do so for a long time, but has wanted
to wait for the right moment.
-Eli says it would be a good test run for the Jeep he's been working on that he gave to
(whatever canyon base's name is if it has one).
-Transmission ends.
-Eli gives Gordon the Gravity Gun, tells him how to use it.
-Place gets raided by combine soldiers.
-Possible debut for the combine soldier's wasteland skin?
-Eli gets his AR1 and kicks ass alongside Gordon and a few other rebels for a little bit.
-Eli leads Gordon to the Antlion-infested caves.
-Explains that they've been trying to clear the caves out to expand the colony.
-Eli wishes Gordon luck.

==Ant Caves==
-Generally speaking, they'll be similar to HL2 EP2's antonio caves but a lot dryer, IE little to no moisture.
-Not sure how long this chapter should be.
-A group of Vortigaunts and one certain manic, jumpy Conscript accompany the player on occasion.
-Antlion workers can be expected.
-Eventually the Vorts, Animal, and Gordon reach a canyon with a camp in it similar to the one in Sandtraps.
-Canyon rebels open a garage door and give the player the Jeep.
-Vort gives player bugballs.
-Gordon departs.

-Same length as Highway 17 & Sandtraps, perhaps?
-Antlions & Soldiers, with a few rebel outposts.
-Player gets the RPG from some generic high ranking rebel who may or may not
be named.
-Blows up a gunship like in retail.
-Big stupid crane part after leaving the outpost.
-Dead, cracked sea floor goes on for miles in the distance.
-Gordon somehow meets Alyx later in the chapter.
-Alyx leaves on a train at some point and tells Gordon he can catch the next one over at the Depot.

==Nova Prospekt==
-Gordon reaches Nova Prospekt.
-Looks more or less the same as retail Nova Prospekt but with added areas.
-At one point I want there to be a part where a combine guard and antlion guard
get into a fight. It would be friggin' awesome.
-Enters the Depot and hitches a ride on a departing train.
-Timelapse level transition.
-Gordon meets up with Alyx.
-Stone's throw away from the Airex canyon.
-They get ambushed by a Strider and a squad of cloaked snipers.
-Strider and snipers die horribly.
-Alyx sends Gordon to the Airex, tells the player to make his way to the command center.

==Air Exchange==
-Gordon cuts through the combine garrison stationed at the Air Exchange.
-Gets help from the Conscripts, who have started fighting the combine.
-Merkavas blowing shit up, APCs ambushing the enemies, etc.
-Eventually Gordon reaches Vance's command center.
-Vance is waiting for him in the entrace alongside some rebels and conscripts.
-Vance tells Gordon that the combine have taken over.
-A fight to retake the command center begins.
-After the fight, Vance tells Gordon to go overload the reactor.
-Reactor is filled with Stalkers.
-Gordon reaches the reactor and overloads it somehow.
-Escapes through a conveniently placed ventilation duct.
-Leaves the Airex's protective wall after a while.
-The destruction of the Airex reactor clears the air up quite a bit but not
-Gordon enters the docks where a massive battle is taking place.
-Eli, Vance, and Alyx are all taking part in this, maybe Odell too.
-Explosions, general pandemonium.
-After the Battle, Vance/Odell says that the Borealis might have a submarine that
should be able to get Gordon to Kraken Base.
-There's a tugboat docked that the player uses to reach the Borealis, Odell might be
the one to operate it.
-Night approaches

-Odell and Gorgon reach the ship.
-It's seen better days.
-Odell tries using the radio and the usual stuff, sends Gordon to fight on his own.
-Combine, Stalkers, and Zombies.
-Dead workers everywhere.
-Some time later, shotgun fire is heard. Odell and a dead combine soldier drop down.
-Odell found himself a gun. He fights alongside Gordon for the rest of the chapter.
-He may be just a normal guy caught in a bad time, but since he's working with the rebels
he should know how to use weapons to some extent.
-They reach the sub.
-Odell finally finds that cheese he was looking for. Tasty.
-They make it to Kraken Base.

==Kraken Base==
-Guarded by conscripts, rebels, etc.
-Gordon meets Helena Mossman.
-Maybe Dr. Cohrt could be here too.
-Introductions, chillin' underwater for a while.
-Odell has a little trouble trusting her.
-A radio conversation with Vance is had.
-Odell, Cohrt, and Gordon find out that Mossman gave the Combine the Borealis' location.
-Helena shoots Cohrt and he dies. That wrinkly old fuck.
-Vance hears this all go down and gets pissed. Tells Gordon and Odell to get out of there
as soon as they can.
-Stalker and Alien Assassin pods breach Kraken Base.
-The power gets knocked out. Should be a little spooky during this time.
-Rebels getting slaughtered by the Stalkers and Alien Assassins, blood everywhere.
-Odell's too awesome to die during this chapter though.
-Helena decides to be a total asshole and flood Kraken Base, leaving everyone there to drown and freeze to death.
-Odell and Gordon leave Kraken Base the same way they got in, which is with the submarine.

-Odell and Gordon reach the shores of a heavily fortified rebel stronghold. (Demo_arctic as a base?)
-It's super early in the morning, and the sun is visible.
-Base is mostly conscripts. Bradleys, White VABs, Shuttles, Leak Helicopters, and Merkavas are parked here.
-The Conscripts contact Vance and tell him that Gordon and Odell made it.
-Vance gives Gordon directions to the Weather Control, tells him to meet him there.
-Send-off for Odell, he stays behind and says that he's had enough excitement for one night. Wishes Gordon luck.
-The Conscripts at the base are okay with this.
-For the length of this I'm thinking maybe the same length as the canals.
-Gordon goes through canyons and all that fun stuff, kills plenty of combine units along the way.
-Sees a group of Merkavas, Helicopters, Shuttles, APCs, and Bradleys on standby.
-Captain Vance is glad to see that Gordon made it.
-He's also in a good mood because it's been years since he's seen the sun.

==Weather Control==
-The WC keeps the gas dense. Without it, the gas won't nearly be as thick or harmful.
-And since the Air Exchange was destroyed... Yeah.
-Things play out the same way the vignette does, but instead of mechs, the Dropships
deploy Striders.
-Another big-ass battle occurs.
-I really hope the tank can be its own NPC entity eventually, it will be a royal
pain in the ass to designate targets for the massive group of func_tanks that
will be in use.
-Vance, Alyx, and the rebels get to the Weather Control.
-The Vehicles effortlessly hold off the Combine's reinforcements.
-The actual Weather Control interior part is pretty short.
-Gordon gets the chips, which can unlock checkpoint doors in City 17.
-Weather Control's defenses are shut off, the rebels' armor is free to move in
and blow the shit out of it.
-Some rejoicing is had.
-Vance leaves through the EP2 Helicopter. Because it's cool.
-C-130 lands on a runway.
-Gordon, Alyx, and a large platoon of rebels get in.
-C-130 departs.
-Fade to black.

-It's quite cloudy out, but not artificially.
-Vert's located in The Old City. It's a massive safehouse for Refugees.
-C-130 gets shot down, Alyx and the rebels are killed.
-Vertigo goes as expected. No friendlies, only enemies.
-Player enters the elevator that takes him to the skywalk.
-Big big battle. Vehicles fighting, lots of infantry.
-Player reaches ground level through the rooftops.

==Old City Fighting==
-Not too long of a chapter. Maybe the same length as point insertion (6 maps or so)
-There is torrential rainfall. Hurricane-type weather. (this was suggested by Atomic a while back)
-Face-off between Xen wildlife, the rebels, and the combine.
-Rebels use hit and run tactics a few times, the conscripts are up front.
-Ruined buildings strung about, see the c17_ruins maps for an example.
-Later on, Eli Maxwell arrives in a weaponized bus with turrets mounted
in the windows and makeshift armor attached to it.
-Gordon escorts Eli's Murder Mobile, then Eli tells Gordon that he's gonna
help clear the Old City out.
-Final map in this chapter has the rebels heavily entrenched and
attempting to breach City 17's outer wall.
-Combine snipers are defending the wall.
-A big gate to the outer wall is forced open. Conscripts, rebels, and
their vehicles pour in.

==Anticitizen One==
Still raining pretty hard.
(When combined with Follow Freeman, this might be one of the longest chapters in the mod)
-Gordon makes his way through ruined areas that were previously seen in Point Insertion.
-Workers have almost completely taken the Industrial Zone.
-Stenographer's Chasm is destroyed. It is smouldering scrap metal now.
-cremators, metrocops, and combine soldiers come in and try to take out
the rebelling workers.
-Doesn't happen thanks to Gordon.
-The Terminal is reached shortly after.
-Rebels pull down the Consul/Breen monitor like in the retail version.
-Combine Guard runs in, fight occurs.
-Guard is defeated, Gordon goes through the concept area, which has been almost completely
taken by the combine.
-Gordon and the rebels have to punch through the combine's defenses there.
-Fight to the construction site.
-Lots of vertical combat there.
-Gordon reaches war-torn c17_04.
-Consul statue is pulled down by a Merkava with a rope.
(Totally not a reference to Firdo Square)
-Gordon enters the sewers, destroyed buildings are blocking way out.
-Sewers are full of zombies, a few hydras here and there.
-Gordon leaves and enters the e3_Strider area...
-...Except this time, Merkavas are here kicking ass and taking names.
-Skyscrapers are in the distance.
-Gordon gets to the downtown area after assisting the Merkavas.

==Follow Freeman==
-Sniper_029 area is reached.
-Animal makes another appearance.
-The squad leader tells Gordon about the
APC getting damaged and the sniper.
-Animal will live if the player acts fast enough.
-Kleiner and Barney enter, and accompany Gordon for the majority of the chapter.
-Kleiner has a helmet and scavenged combine armor. Acts as a Medic.
-Eli is seen later.
-Gordon clears some more old buildings out for a while.
-Gordon reaches a Cremator-infested part of City 17 and there's no other way to Vance's Bunker.
-Reaches Vance's HQ.
-He learns about the death of Alyx, and he is furious.
-Citadel inner wall is breached.
-A tank supports Vance and the rebels on a bridge.
-Merkava punches through the Combine.
-Looks very alien inside.
-Another battle takes place.
-Crab Synths and Synth Elites are sent in to fight off the offensive.
-Tank gets destroyed during the battle.
-Rebels are in a lot of trouble.
-The day is saved by a cavalry of shuttles and helicopters.
-The fight quiets down.
-D0G tears through a part of the Citadel.
-Eli says something along the lines of, "We can't damage it from out here, D0G."
-D0G reveals a duct or a tunnel or something.
-Gordon departs and enters the Citadel.

==Our Benefactors==
-A lot of Synth enemies and Stalkers will be fought here.
-Consul will be smug and arrogant at first
--Condescendingly commends Gordon for getting this far.
-As Gordon progresses, Consul becomes increasingly agitated.
--Voice gets more and more inhuman-sounding.
-Gordon makes his way to the top of the Citadel
-Destroys a bunch of systems while doing so.

==Dark Energy==
-Consul has that weird-looking modification that
turns him into a weird wire worm thing in the
concept art.
-Consul furiously asks Gordon if he realizes
what he had to sacrifice to save humanity.
-Insists that once the overworld hears of this,
there will be nothing to stop the combine from
wiping humanity out.
-It's all a ruse to try and stop the uprising, of course.
-Consul escapes to the core like in the retail HL2.
-Fight occurs, the core is destroyed and the Consul and Helena are killed
in the explosion.
-Gman stops time mid-explosion.
-Gman shows Gordon a clear sky in City 17, fallen pieces of
the Citadel are scattered around.
-Gman congratulates him, says GG
-Credits roll.
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PostSubject: Re: Some story crap.   Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:39 pm

Incredible, you are the first to come up with a fully fleshed out Storyline of HL2 Beta!

It actually reads like a script for a bestseller. How long have you been thinking of this wall of text? Salute

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PostSubject: Re: Some story crap.   Fri Sep 19, 2014 12:42 pm

It was all from the top of my head. Terminus doesn't have a storyline set in stone at the moment so we're always pitching ideas back and forth to each other. Even then, if my storyline isn't used then I'll carry it over to Insolence.
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PostSubject: Re: Some story crap.   Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:02 pm

It works. Seems like a good mix of retail, beta, and original ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: Some story crap.   

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Some story crap.
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